SR.2 «Veresk» submachine gunSR.2 «Veresk» submachine gun

After the Klimovsk-based Tsniitochmash Institute had developed the SR-1 pistol chambered for the SP-10 cartridge, it was only logical that it should develop a compact submachine gun chambered for the same 9×21 mm round. The submachine gun was expected to reliably kill individual human targets wearing body armour with single shots or bursts at a range of 200 m, ensure aimed single-handed or two-handed firing with or without the stock, be earned similar to a pistol (in a holster, overtly, or under outer garments), and open fire instantly The Russian Federal.

Security Service was the major customer. A submachine gun designated SR-2 Veresk had been developed by mid-1998. The 9 mm SR-2 submachine gun was fielded in 2000.

The sub-machine gun is a rare gas-operated locked-breech design with a rotating bolt. Expanding powder gases escape into the gas chamber, mounted over the barrel, through a cross hole in the barrel wall. The operating rod is rigidly linked with the boil carrier assembly. The magazine is inserted into the pistol grip. The recoil spring is accommodated in the boltway. A folding cocking lever is mounted on the right. A muzzle brake is attached to the muzzle. The receiver and its hinged cover are made of cold-pressed sheet steel.

The submachine gun is fitted with a striker-type trigger assembly. The manual safety catch is mounted on the right. When engaged, the safety locks the trigger, while the safety Sever blocks the cocking lever groove. A separate thumb-operated single-shot/automatic fire selector is fitted on the left.

Ammunition feed is from a chequerwise box magazine. When the magazine is empty, the magazine follower butts against the bolt, which facilitates magazine release when its release button is pressed. The magazine release button is ambidextrous, which allows the shooter to fire the gun from either hand.

Field-stripped SR2M submachine gun: 1 – KP-SR- 2 collimator ssghff; 2 – recosf mechanismi; 3 – bolt carrier assembly; 4 – mainspring with its guide; 5 – firing pin; 6 – bolt; 7 – fore-end; 8 – barrel with the receiver, the tube battle sights, the trigger assembly, and the stock; 9 – magazine.

A protected foresight is mounted on the muzzle. The iron rear sight is graduated at 100 m and 200 m. The KP-SR. 2 collimator sight, featuring a field of view of 6°, is attached to the receiver cover with the help of a bracket. A number of experts consider collimator sights to be main sights for firing small arms at various ranges.

The submachine gun is equipped with a pressed-metal up-and-over folding stock with a hinged shoulder rest. The pistol grip and the fore-end are made of high impact plastic. The pistol grip is integrated with the trigger guard, while the fore-end wraps around the barrel. A screw-in fore-grip is fitted in front of the fore-end. The front edge of the trigger guard is designed to facilitate two-handed firing.

The upgraded SR-2M model differs externally by a redesigned fore-end that has a folding forward pistol-grip, which improves the shooter’s comfort and the accuracy of fire. When folded, the forward tip becomes part of the fore-end. At first, it was made of an aluminium alloy, but later on it became plastic. The safety catch was slightly modified as well. In addition to that the muzzle brake was replaced with muzzle cap, protecting the shooters hand from a burn by expanding powder gases.

The submachine gun is carried overtly on a sling or covertly on a special suspension gear tor carrying the submachine gun proper and a spare magazine.

SR.2 «Veresk» submachine gunSR.2 «Veresk» submachine gun with unfolded stock


Specifications SR.2 «Veresk» submachine gun

Caliber: 9 mm
Cartridge: SP.10, SP.11, SP.12,7BTZ (9×21)
Weapon weight w/o cartridges: 1.65 kg
Weapon length: w/extended stock: 603 mm
w/removed stock: 350 mm
Barrel length: 174 mm
Bullet muzzle velocity: 410 (SP.10), 415 (SP.11), 430 (7BT3) m/sec
Rate of fire: 900 rds/min
Sighting range: 200 m
Magazine capacity: 20 or 30 rds

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