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The Turkish-made 9mm has a 5.1-inch extended threaded barrel, which gives it an 8.4-inch overall length. Or about as long as a standard-sized Government Issue or a full-length comp gun such as the Glock 34. Should the Tisas PX-9 Gen 3 Tactical be too long, SDS also has the shorter PX-9 Gen 3 Duty – both with and without the threaded barrel – which is more Glock 19 sized. They also offer them in both an OD green and FDE Cerakote finish as well. tisas px-9 gen 3 for sale online

Tennessee-based SDS Imports is bringing in an affordable 9mm double stack with a ton of features, the Tisas PX-9 Gen 3. tisas px9 pistol for sale

SDS specializes in importing quality pistols, shotguns, and accessories. In the past few years, they have partnered with Tisas (pronounced “Tis-ash”) in Turkey to supply well-made M1911-style handguns to the U.S. market that have built a following through a combination of good reviews and affordable pricing. Newer and more modern is the PX-9 series of polymer-framed striker-fired pistols, with the third generation guns being the most feature-rich.

This brings us to the Tisas PX-9 Gen 3 Tactical currently under evaluation. The Tisas PX-9 Gen 3 series has an easy takedown for maintenance. Just lock the slide back on an unloaded pistol with an empty chamber, rotate the frame-mounted takedown lever, unlock it, and remove the slide to the front of the frame. Tisas PX for sale

Nothing surprising inside. Of interest is the hammer-forged barrel and dual recoil spring. Note that with threaded barrel models such as the Tactical, you must remove the thread protector to be able to take the barrel out of the slide for cleaning. The threads are standard 1×28 TPI pitch. tisas px-9 gen 3 for sale florida

Surface controls are on the left of the frame, including an American-style push-button mag release, a rotating takedown lever, and a slide-stop lever. The mag release is reversible. The flat-faced trigger has an integrated safety lever that is a distinctive red color. tisas px-9 gen 3 for sale cheap

It comes with a factory micro red-dot cut in a Trijicon RMR/SRO pattern, which is nice for the price. There are a ton of less expensive MRDs out there with that footprint, such as the Ade Stingray, Holosun 407/507, Swampfox Kingslayer/Liberty/Justice, et. al. There are no plates, it is a rock-solid direct mount, which is just the way we like it. buy px9 gen 3 online

Speaking of trigger, we found it to run 4.5 pounds on average with a short reset. It feels smooth, especially for a factory striker-fired pistol. It has a pre-cocked striker. tisas px-9 gen 3 for sale near me


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