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It’s a hoot to shoot for sure and maybe more so than my SP5 (just maybe). So trying out a few options and started farkling out the PDW.

Starting out with the following:

  • Rear Drum (thx to @ Indreams84)
  • Magpul forend/handguard
  • HS1 finger light (green laser). Had to dremel out a hole for HS1 laser to poke/emitt through. Worked out great.
  • JMAC Brace 8” raised arm bar
  • 1913 SigMech folder
  • Cheekweld affixed to top of brace (holes are predrilled and threaded)
  • Gearworks Tailhook MOD1C

Also saw the B&T retractable stock at LGS as another option that I’m going to ponder on:

  • Per the measurements it seems that when retracted with MAGPUL forend/handguard appears to be issue.
  • It would appear to be an unfavorable check rest but guess one can adjust and get used to it.
  • It would appear the small end, would not seat great in shoulder/pec area, but again guess you can find a good area to pocket it into and get used to it quickly.
  • Appears to retract really nice and seems compact and extends easily, and seems like great lockup with very minor up/down flex, hopefully minimal rubbing along body frame.
  • so will also soon consider the Vertical grip and will need to pay it visit at the LGS soon again while pending the process.

The JMAC Brace Pros:

  • It’s a Brace and cheek hold is really comfortable and supportive.
  • if you wanted to add an RMR/Optic it’s adjustable to slide up and down via the pic-rail and sig mech.
  • I ended up cutting out the foam and was able to fit in it’s folded condition. It’s tight and although does fully seat, it closes and works out fine.

Let’s see your SP5K-PDW Stock or Brace here in order to see the various options out there for the PDW.


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