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Beautiful Armalite AR10-a4, black with tan magpul extendable stock, grip, and handrail. Has an upgraded stainless 21” barrel and includes 8 magazines. 1-10 round, 4-20 round, and 3-25 round magazines. Will come in a generic black hard case.

UPC ECOM00127642
Caliber 7.62
Finish BLACK
Capacity 25 ROUNDS
Frame Material NOT SPECIFIED
Slide Material NOT SPECIFIED
Barrel Length 21 BARREL
Receiver Material NOT SPECIFIED
Receiver Finish NOT SPECIFIED

3 reviews for ARMALITE AR-10A4

  1. Olive Stone

    I love this gun!
    I was worried about the pull being too stiff and heavy according to some reviews, but it is not as heavy a pull as my S&W .38 Special and has NO kick whatsoever. The pull is very smooth and I can shoot one-handed easily. Also, because it is so compact, I can reach the trigger better and all the way to my first knuckle so Read more about review stating Female Reviewit’s easy to have a stronger grip and more trigger power for me

  2. Paula Pascoe

    This gun feels much lighter and easier to handle and shoot than the .38. I do have strong hands from mountain biking, so the double action might be a challenge for some at first…but I can shoot it one-handed right out of the box and I have small hands and grip. Hope this helps others to find the right gun for them.

  3. Otha Holsinger

    I have settled on revolvers vs semi-auto as I do not like semi-auto guns for the more complicated use and shooting position of the hands (I thwacked my hands more than once firing incorrectly with the slide causing some major damage plus was hit in the face with case ejections at times). I plan on this being my primary CCW weapon as it is very compact and light and I can handle and fire it with comfort in almost any position, the eight rounds also makes me feel like I have some room for error on shots as well! I am ordering Crimson Trace grips to make this little gun even better!

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