9mm Federal Ballisticlean 100gr. Frangible Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 100 Grain Frangible Ammo Details

You will get hours and hours of productive training time with 1000 rounds of this 9mm ammo by Federal Ballisticlean. This training ammo is designed for law enforcement and features 100gr. frangible projectiles that are built for steel target training to reduce ricochets. The frangible bullets are not designed to hold their shape when they hit metal targets and instead break apart when striking their intended destination.
Boxer-primed and new production, the brass casings used for these cartridges are reloadable and fine for long-term storage. This Federal ammunition is manufactured at their Anoka, MN factory and rigorously inspected to ensure it lives up to the company’s 80+ years of excellence. Order you 1000-round bulk case of this 9mm ammo today!

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2 reviews for 9mm Federal Ballisticlean 100gr. Frangible Ammo

  1. Nahh

    A diferencia de muchos de los cartuchos más populares de Estados Unidos, .30-30 Winchester no tiene antecedentes militares. En cambio, fue desarrollado específicamente para el deportista civil. 30-30 El .30-30 Winchester (puede llamarlo simplemente “treinta y treinta”) es uno de los cartuchos de caza más antiguos de Estados Unidos.

  2. hjgedhjdh

    Dedicado a hacer que esto suceda todo hecho por sí mismo

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