1000rds – 9mm STV Golden Bee 124gr. FMJ Ammo



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STV 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo Details

A hot shot like you has no business ordering ammo by the box. No sir, you need a whole case of 9mm ammo to do the kind of target shooting you’ve got in mind, and you’re going to find the great value you’re after courtesy of STV!

STV’s Golden Bee label cartridges are loaded with 124 grain FMJ projectiles – the go-to for target practice courtesy of their economical design, as well as their ability to feed smoothly, prevent fast barrel fouling, and follow a level trajectory. The FMJ’s round nose profile means it’s going to deal relatively less damage to soft tissue than a hollow point could have, which is why it’s usually reserved for the gun range. STV only uses lead and brass to make their FMJs. In short, this bullet cannot attract a magnet.

STV’s expansive production facility in the Czech Republic makes plenty of military ammo, but they load these commercial rounds with the same rugged and reloadable brass cases, lead-free Boxer primers, and clean-burning propellant. Fifty rounds to a box, 20 boxes to a case – one heckuva range day if you burn through it all at once!

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