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machine gun is an auto-firingrifled long-barrel autoloading firearm designed for sustained direct fire with fully powered cartridges. Other automatic firearms such as assault rifles and automatic rifles are typically designed more for firing short bursts rather than continuous firepower, and not considered machine guns. Squad automatic weapons, which fire the same (usually intermediate-powered) cartridge used by the other riflemen from the same combat unit, are functionally light machine guns though not called so. Submachine guns, which are capable of continuous rapid fire but using handgun cartridges, are also not technically regarded as true machine guns.

Purpose Of Machine Guns

As a class of military kinetic projectile weapon, machine guns are designed to be mainly used as infantry support weapons and generally used when attached to a bipod or tripod, a fixed mount or a heavy weapons platform for stability against recoils.

The first guns were simple tubes from which to shoot explosive charges, but gradually they were made easier to load, aim, and fire. Guns revolutionized warfare and effectively ended the age of the armored knight and the castle stronghold. They have had a profound effect on human history. Buy Legal Machine Gun.
The defensive power of the machine gun created the stalemate on the Western Front, and almost all of the technologies that were introduced during the war were built in order to defeat it. The introduction of this weapon radically changed the strategies and tactics used by militaries in the future. Buy Legal Machine Gun UK
  5 Best Machine Guns on the Planet
  1. PKM. The PKM is one of the most common machine guns in the world. …
  2. FN MAG 58 (M240) The FN MAG 58 has served in practically every military in the Western world, and has been built by almost every arms manufacturer as well. …
  3. MG3 and variants. …
  4. Vektor SS-77. …
  5. IWI Negev NG7.

 5 Deadliest Machine Guns 

What states can you legally own a machine gun?

Five states—Idaho, Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming—regulate the possession of machine guns in other limited circumstances such as prohibiting the possession of machine guns by minors. Five states—Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and New Mexico—do not have any state-level regulations of machine guns.

Can You Legally Own a Machine Gun?

To legally own a machine gun, you first have to apply for approval from the federal government. After purchasing the gun, you must fill out an ATF Form 4 application and wait for approval before taking possession of the firearm.

What disqualifies you from owning a machine gun?
Among those ineligible are felons and people (1) addicted to controlled substances, (2) discharged under dishonorable conditions from the U.S. Armed Forces, or (3) adjudicated mentally defective or committed to a mental institution. ................................................................................ 

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