ATF Approve ATI MP40 9mm Pistol

ATF Approve ATI MP40 9mm Pistol (Pistol Version of German WWII MP40 Submachine Gun)


Every couple of weeks I get an email from a reader asking me if I know when the ATI GSG MP40 9mm pistol will go on sale. Well I can finally announce that yesterday (23 Feb) the ATF finally approved the pistol for import and sale in the USA. The gun will go on sale as soon as American Tactical Imports can bring a shipment of them over from Germany.

The ATI GSG MP40 is a faithful reproduction of the German WWII MP40 submachine gun (which itself was based on the MP38). The pistol variant ATI is importing forgoes the folding stock so it can be imported as a pistol (The BATFE does not allow the importation of so called “non-sporting” rifles). Like the original the GSG MP40 will be chambered in 9mm.


Pistol version (top), SBR carbine version (below)


I have shot an original MP40. They are a lot of fun to shoot full auto. The recoil is very manageable in part because of the slow 500 rounds per minute rate of fire combined with the lesser recoil of the 9mm Luger cartridge.  It is easy to dump a magazine while keeping the gun on target.

It is also worth mentioning that ATI will also be importing a .22 version of the MP40. Alex and Miles reviewed it in the video below …

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